8 Things to Do During COVID-19

If you are anything like me, social distancing has proven to be challenging! I have experienced my fair share of boredom. I’ve just about finished Netflix and I have cooked way more than I ever thought possible. To keep myself sane I did a bit of research and was provided with a few suggestions from friends and family on what I could do to mix up my schedule so I don’t continue feeling like I’m Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Surprisingly, I came up with a nice little list, which I’ve decided to share with you!

  1. Video Chat
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I know what you are thinking, duh! I am sure you’ve all done the video chat thing a million times, but if you haven’t heard about House Party check it out. House Party is a video platform, which allows you to chat with your friends as a group. The app also offers virtual games that automatically sync with each player in your chat, or room, as they call it.

2. Movie Night In

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The term “movie night in” has become all to real! I would kill to buy a ticket and a small popcorn before heading in to watch a new movie on the big screen, but life has had other ideas lately. Netflix Party, however, allows you to enter a virtual movie room with your friends. It’s simple. All you have to do is download the Netflix party extension, start a movie, hit the NP icon next to your search engine, and send the provided movie link to your friends. Done! You and your friends will be simultaneously watching a flick and there is even a chat available to “LOL” or comment on the actors wardrobe choices. It’s a good time!

3. Virtual Games

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One thing I miss greatly is sitting around a table with friends or family to play a good old fashion card game. Well, now you can…virtually that is. The website playingcards.io allows you to start a virtual game. My personal favorite is called Remote Insensitivity, which is basically Cards Against Humanity. You will be entered into a virtual room where you can drag cards to your deck, play cards, and select your winner. My friends and I started a video chat and then began playing so that we could see and hear each other. Worked like a charm!

4. Work Out

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Whether you are a fitness junkie, or not, what better time to work on your mental and physical health! There are several resources where you may find online at-home workouts such as social media influencer pages, Youtube, and maybe even your home gym has put together a virtual workout platform. A few of my personal favorites would be Houston’s own, Revolution Studio and Peloton. Right now Peloton is offering free access to all workouts on their app for a limited time only! A Peloton device is not necessary to access or participate. Don’t miss out.

5. Drive-In Movie

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Going back to my previous point about wanting to go to the movies, well I have found something just as good, if not better! The classic concept of the Drive-In movie theatre. Check to see if your city has a drive-in, and if they do, visit their website to check if they are open. Lucky for Houston the Showboat Drive-in located in Hockley, Texas opens Friday, May 1st. They have made some adjustments to respect social distancing, which you may read about on their website before going. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Grab a truck and some blankets, and head out for a date night or for some family fun.

6. Drive-thru Safari

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Looking for an adventure this summer? Visit a drive-thru safari. There are several drive-thru safari’s across across the States, and many are still open! Houstonians can visit the Franklin Drive Thru Safari for just $10.00 per person. Food buckets for the animals you encounter along the way may be purchased at the gate. Check out their website for details and even group rates!

7. Take an online course

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Not all things are terrible during this time. To assist with social distancing, several Universities have began offering free educational courses, many of which will result in certification. Whether you are looking to take a course to advance your career, or you are curious to learn a new language just for fun, there is a class for you. Check out Coursera for a list of available classes and enroll today!

8. Make Fancy Cocktails

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As you all know, local restaurants have brought their take-away and carry-out games to the next level, and I encourage everyone to support these local businesses, but don’t you just miss going to the bars?! I sure do! Several restaurants and bars have gotten real creative by offering “take home cocktail kits” to their menu’s. With the purchase of a food item, you may select the cocktail of your choice, and your take away kit will include everything you need from the mixers, to the garnishes, to the liquor! Some to check out in Houston include Squable and Rosie Cannonball. Be sure to check out their websites for availability and details on how to order.

Well I hope you have been inspired by these few ideas! No matter what you do, remember to invest in yourself during this time. xxx


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