Grounded in 2020

Perhaps the worst turn of events after having planned out an entire trip to Korea over several months was having to cancel when Coronavirus paid a visit and the world shut down. Thinking it would soon blow over, I quickly booked another trip to Europe for October, but as luck would have it, I’ve just had to cancel that trip too. Being someone who frequently travels, whether it be for a couple weeks across the pond or a quick weekender state-side, life without it has left me with a severe case of the travel bug. In efforts to keep my mind off the fact that it might be a while before I fly again, I’ve tried to find ways to focus that energy.

For years I have wanted to do a West Texas road trip. Slowing down a bit and taking some time to explore my home state and all its splendor has always been extremely enticing. Having said that, being the young working professional that I am with only so much vacation-time, it has always been put on the back-burner to make room for my international adventures. Let’s just say that I am trying to look at the glass half-full, therefore what better time for a little road trip than when I am literally grounded!

So, what can you do to stay sane when traveling is limited? Find a local or national trip, map it out, and experience the excitement in your own backyard. Personally, just spending a day booking the accommodation for my West Texas trip got me feeling ridiculously excited, and I forgot all about my canceled trips to Korea and Europe. A luxury tent in Marfa after touring the city’s incredible art exhibitions and trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Marfa lights, a traditional Adobe dwelling in Marathon, and even a glamped-out vintage airstream in Terlingua are on the list. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a trip based on the lodging alone, to be honest! I can hardly wait to zip-line across Big Bend, ride a donkey in Boquillas, Mexico, and visit the home of the very first margarita, and drink one (or several) of course. I’ve learned that though I want to fly across the world, and I will get to do that again, there are amazing memories and gram-worthy photoshoots to be had without having to leave the ground. Did I mention that I booked all of my incredible lodging facilities for ten days at only $600 a person? Pretty damn good, right?

If you are anything like me and need to just pack your suitcase, spend a few hours researching road trips that you can do with a friend or a few friends. Maybe even plan to take just a night or two to go someplace you haven’t been within a few hour’s drive to get a change of scenery. Coronavirus sucks and has taken a lot away from us this year, but don’t let it take away your wandering spirit. Maybe even just fill up the tank, grab a map, and drive with no agenda!

If you are interested in my West Texas road trip itinerary, make sure to send me a message. I’d love to give you some tips, and I can’t wait to share all the photos and stories from my trip when I’m back home. xxx

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