An Hour-Away Getaway

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. This pandemic has not only robbed us of loved one’s and health, but we are also missing out on living life! Traveling, going out dancing, grabbing drinks with friends on the weekends, or catching a game or concert have sadly become things of the past. In the midst of it all, I feel like the pandemic has also forced people to get a bit creative, including entrepreneurs. What can you do to make a desirable vacation opportunity during a pandemic? Drop 75 chic instagramable trailers in the middle of nowhere and advertise them as a way to disconnect. I know what you are thinking. Disconnect, really? I feel like disconnecting is the one thing we have become experts at this year, so why would you pay money for that? Trust me, all it took was a few photos of the comfy looking bed framed by a massive window overlooking a beautiful forest, and I was typing in my credit card information. Disconnecting immediately had a whole new meaning, which was I want to take photos in front of that window in a cute pajama set, and also, I want to disconnect and relax, of course. So should you do it? Here is the scoop.

The House

The Getaway House offers a unique experience to get away, disconnect, and enjoy nature all within an hour from your home. The Getaway location from Houston, Texas was nestled in the piney woods of Navasota, and was exactly like the advertisement promised; picturesque. The small trailer is complete with a kitchenette including all cookware, glassware, and necessary items such as a lighter and a wine bottle opener, a bathroom, cozy bed, small breakfast table, and complimentary books, which are mostly for the aesthetic but are available if you left your copy of Midnight Sun at home. The outdoor space provided a fire pit, two large wooden lounge chairs, and a picnic table. There are also add on packages you can select, such as the dog pack, which I selected for Kai. They provided an outdoor cable line to clip to his harness allowing him ample room to run and play, dog bowls, and even s’ mores doggie treats, which my guy ate up!

What To Do?

So what did we do? I know the concept of disconnecting is a challenging one for most. First things first, there is no Uber eats in the middle of the woods so make sure you stop off and get meal essentials at a grocery store. We took a short 25 minute trip into the small town of Navasota, Texas for a grocery run at the local Brookshire Brothers, and while there decided to check out the town. We quickly discovered that the hot spot was the Classic Rock Coffee Co. and Kitchen, which I was quite impressed with. The place was rather large, featuring tall ceilings and old school posters and memorabilia framed by neon lights. The coffee was good, the food was decent, and the small shop in the back carrying hundreds of old records, vintage amplifiers, classic guitars and nic-nacks was fun to browse.

We also checked out a couple of small boutiques and antique stores and grabbed ice cream at Martin’s Sweet shop, an adorable little store where Martin himself worked the counter. Gotta love a small town.

Back at the Getaway house, we spent our time talking, cooking, reading, writing, playing games, roasting marshmallows, walking (technically they were hiking trails, but here in Texas I would classify them as long walks), and napping. Though the pandemic has had most of us closed off and stuck at home, there was something about being in the middle of nature with your thoughts. We didn’t take phone calls or text or spend hours on social media. We forced ourselves to truly dedicate the time away to ourselves.

So should you go? 10/10 I would recommend this trip! These babies are all over the country as well, so if you are looking for more of a get away, head to a different state and select a new destination. I just might be flying to Denver soon to experience The Getaway house in Colorado where I can do some actual hiking and where the weather isn’t 97 degrees and feels like 107. If you have kiddos, they also offer larger units complete with bunk beds.

The Getaway house was a unique experience, and waking up to that view was pretty fantastic. Literally, you are paying for that window but it is one hell of a window. Whether you take a significant other, friend, group of friends or your family, this time away just might be what you need, and you can forget about the fact that you live in a new normal where a mask is mandatory, just for a minute. xxx


  1. Div

    Thanks Lhoren! Great post, and beautiful pics. Been meaning to check this out. Are there a few getaway homes close to each other to make it into a group getaway thing?


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