Cowboys, Cocktails, And Hot Air Balloons

Having spent the last several months traveling around Texas, I have hands-down found my favorite city! Wimberley, Texas provides the small-town Texas vibes complete with shops and eateries galore, along with jaw-dropping hill country scenery and outdoor activities. With tickets purchased three-months in advance to take a dip and a dive in Jacob’s Well, I hit the road with two friends for a three-day weekender.

Honestly, I would have made this trip again for our Airbnb alone. A little bungalow nestled on a cattle farm was the most peaceful and relaxing getaway spot for our weekend stay. My favorite part was easily the massive sunroom with floor to ceiling windows. Cattle and horses roamed freely and watching the sunset with a hot tea each night was epic.

A Dip & A Dive

A twenty-minute drive on the winding road brought us to the site of Jacob’s Well, a natural spring and swimming hole with water temperatures of about 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It was chilly but totally worth it! Taking a jump from the elevated rock into the darkness of the well was an exhilarating experience!

A Bootiful City

After a day in the sun, we were ready to explore a bit. Downtown Wimberley, otherwise referred to as Bootiful, is a hilly town with canopy trees, friendly locals, an array of cute shops, and large hand-painted boots everyone! They don’t call it bootiful for nothing. This funky town is named after the favorite Texas footwear, a classic cowboy boot, which has become the canvas for artists and muralists all over town.

Prepare to spend a day just browsing around the shops, stop into Wimberley Cafe or Community Pizza & Beer Garden for a bite and a drink on a patio, and don’t forget to visit Cactus coffee, a chic coffee trailer right in the middle of town.

A Swanky Dinner

Just because you are in the country doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up and have a fancy dinner! If you make a trip to Wimberley or Dripping Springs area making a reservation at Tillie’s in Camp Lucy is an absolute must! The food was great, the cocktails were crafted to perfection and you won’t want to leave without taking a picture, or several, of the modern dim-lit restaurant featuring cathedral-inspired decor.

No Rain On Our Parade

With original plans to spend a day hiking and swimming at Pedernales Falls, we had to shift gears when we were greeted by rainy weather. We made the best of it by doing a baby hike in the rain in the middle of Wimberley called Mount Baldy and by visiting Wimberley Glassworks, where we got to watch the art of glassblowing.

A Hot Air Balloon Festival

Luckily during our visit, we discovered a hot air balloon festival taking place just 40-minutes away near the outskirts of Fredricksburg. When I say the middle of nowhere Texas, I mean it! I was certain we made a wrong turn as we continued down dirt roads for miles before coming across a small block of buildings housing a rustic bar complete with live Texas Country music and vendors selling handmade clothing and trinkets. My favorite shopping experience on the entire trip was easily from the Pink and Silver trailer. This trailer offered just a glimpse at what the larger brick and mortar store holds in Fredricksburg. I had a great time shopping around, trying on hand-beaded jackets and jewelry made by a husband and wife duo who own and operate the shop. I scored an amazing shirt made with an African hand-woven textile (featured in the below picture. Top on the bottom left), a cool versatile beaded jewelry piece, and a pair of large golden star hoops!

The main event was the hot air balloon reveal, that took place just before sunset! We got to witness the lighting of the balloons and even took a tethered ride. It was an unforgettable experience and a check off my bucket list.

A Legit Cowboy Town

Perhaps the most unique town in Texas that I have been too yet is the small historical cowboy town known as Luckenbach. This exciting town looks like it is straight out of a Western movie with the original post office in the center, now used as a general store for souvenirs and local goodies, to the original dance hall. The town is famous for live music every day! You can be sure you are walking into a good time if you make a stop in Luckenbach.

The Texas Hill Country continues to surprise me with its historical culture, entertainment, unique natural experiences and rolling hills featuring stunning views. Take a few days and explore the vast area expanding from Fredbricksburg to Dripping Springs, and don’t be afraid to make a few wrong turns. You might just stumble upon something wonderful! xxx

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