Day Trip to Round Top, Texas

First of all, I feel I should say hi, it has been a while! This year has been full of busyness and change for me, but with the most recent of these occurrences comes new inspiration and much-needed time off. To get away and relax for a day, my good friend and I decided to “play hooky” (full disclosure, this was requested time off. We are not rebels) and head out to Round Top, Texas. If you are familiar with Round Top you probably have heard about the infamous antique roadshow that happens a couple times a year. This event is on my list for sure, but first I wanted to just enjoy an easy day exploring the quaint town itself, and it did not disappoint! The people were incredibly nice, the food and treats were endless, and the unique artisan boutiques and repurposed vintage shops were so much fun to explore, with complimentary champagne in hand of course. Only an hour and a half drive from Houston, this day trip easily scaled its way to the top of my list!

Rolland Square

First thing first when arriving anywhere is to find a good cup of coffee at a local shop, and that wasn’t hard to do in Round Top. We parked in Rolland Square and popped into Round Top Coffee, THE coffee shop in town where we chatted with regulars about where to explore as our coffee brewed. Turns out Rolland Square was the first stop; a cluster of old 1800s wooden homes that have been repurposed for use as stores! I am a massive history buff so just knowing that these were the original structures, and more impressively, were still standing in such great shape was fascinating. My favorite building was MooresFort, which was built in 1831 by John Henry Moore who founded La Grange, Texas. This building is now the home for ModernMarla, a designer consignment shop. Other fun stops in Rolland Square were Vandi, for vintage Japanese kimonos and custom jewelry, Townsend Provisions, Curate by Stash, and Leslie Kristen (Shout out to Leslie for being the kindest human ever). Before you cross the street to see the second noteworthy square, make sure to grab lunch at The Garden Co. for some “Feed and Firewater”.

Henkel Square Market

After exploring Rolland Square we asked what area to visit next and were told “turn left at the road here, drive up to the blinking light, make a right and you will be in Henkel Square”. I love small towns. The instructions were perfect and Henkel Square was full of surprises including a funky watering hole called Ellis Motel, fun shops and boutiques, our favorite being Wimberly, a pie shop, a cheese shop, and a beautiful historical chapel founded in the 1900s. Not to geek out on you again, but it was so cool to think that over 100 years ago this was “downtown” where people rode their horses and buggy to trade, gather, and even govern.

Junk Gypsy

If you watch HGTV at all, you have probably seen the Junk Gypsies. Two women known for their free-spirited, country chic, interior designs, and styling who have built their business right in Round Top, Texas. This was easily the driving force for making the trip, and their storefront was everything we’d hoped for. From home decor to lush bedding, to tasseled clothing, to boots and hats galore we found ourselves lost in the trinkets and nick-nacks for quite a while, and happy to be. It is certainly a store that is a little bit of a mess, but full of surprises, and you won’t be able to leave without a bag or two.

A Photo Op

Round Top proved to be the perfect day trip, complete with a stop at Buc-ee’s and of course, a few photo opportunities. In a town full of antique shops and wonderfully curated junk, be on the lookout for a chance to have a little fun with the camera. When we drove by this old carousel I had to make a U-turn! Next time you need to get away, keep this eccentric and quirky town in mind. I promise you will be happy you did. -xoxo

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