I Can’t Believe I Found It On Amazon

Whether you’re in search to buy a last minute gift for a birthday party or you find yourself restless in bed doing a little late night shopping, Amazon has it all! I would consider myself an expert in the realm of online shopping, and after browsing the internet for the “best beauty finds”, “Gifts for everyone”, and hashtag “founditonamazon”, I have consolidated a list of my absolute favorite Amazon purchases.

1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

I can’t say this one was all me! I actually have to give credit to my little sis who brought this magical powder to my place one night. Mix it with a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar (which is great for everything) and water. This stuff works magic. You know its working when you start feeling your face tighten so hard, you can’t smile. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes and your skin will look as refreshed as you’ll feel, and it goes for just under $10 per pound!

2. Boho Photo Organizer

I got an Instax camera and had what felt like a million photos that I wanted to display. Though the hang wire with the little twinkling lights is cute it just seemed overdone to me and I was in search of something a bit more unique. That’s when I went on the hunt and came across this awesome boho wall decor for less than $15. I love it, and I have even purchased it as a gift for a couple friends.

3. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This bad boy is $30 of pure magic! For someone who loves wine, this is the absolute perfect gift. Never worry about cork floaties in your wine glass again when you can rely on the wonderful technology that is this electric wine bottle opener. Hell, you can even buy a couple to have on hand for those times when you forget about your coworkers birthday or you need a white elephant gift.

4. Electric heating Pad

This electric heating pad has saved my life more times than I can count! From cramped muscles, to tummy aches, to lady cramps, this baby always does the trick. I actually stole my moms when I moved out (sorry mom), but found it on Amazon for a grand total of $14. I am not kidding when I say everyone should have one of these in their life!

5. Luxurious Laptop Bag

Being the professional woman that I am, I needed a laptop bag to carry to all my large corporate meetings. It was hard finding one that wasn’t 200 + dollars and didn’t scream “my grandmother has this bag also” (no offense grandma). My searching paid off when I found this gem. Minimal, professional, yet still screams this is expensive and luxurious for only $69.

6. MOdern Table Lamp

This remote controlled lamp is aesthetically pleasing, and has several different color and brightness features to set the right mood for any room. You can purchase one, or three today for only $62 a piece.

7. Earring Support Patches

Earrings are heavy, but we wear them anyway because they are cute. Beauty is pain, or is it? For less than $7 you can purchase a pack of 60 ear support patches, which will help stabilize your earrings. No more taking them off at noon because your ears hurt or having to deal with stretched out piercings.

8. Craft Cocktail Mixer

This mid-century modern decorative pineapple tumbler is almost just as pretty as the packaging it comes in. I personally bought this to dress up my bar cart. It would make an excellent gift for the cocktail connoisseur in your life. This one goes for $80, but there are several similar options at a variety of price points.

9. Turntable

Want a vintage turntable that looks sleek and modern for a reasonable price? Guess what, Amazon has got you covered. I’ve played my vinyl on this $70 record player for the last five years now and it is still going strong. It looks great in my place too!

10. Wooden Bench

You will quickly find that my go to style for furniture is mid-century modern, clean, and minimal. This wooden bench has been a favorite of mine for years. Use it as a coffee table, a window seat, or a decorative piece to accent any room. You can’t go wrong with this Nelson replica platform bench, which cost me less than 100 bucks.

11. Contempory Rug

On the topic of interior design, I wanted a statement black and white rug, but didn’t want the typical and overused chevron print. This beautiful and contemporary wool area rug was just the thing to bring my room to life. You can purchase it in a selection of color combinations and sizes, starting at $65

12. Magazine Rack

Jazz up your magazine display for $36 with this minimal magazine rack. It will pair perfectly aside a lounge chair or loveseat!

13. Shiatsu Neck Massager

OH MY GOD. That’s really all that needs to be said about the shiatsu neck massager that has exploded on Amazon! You can find these ranging from about 30 – 150 dollars, depending on the bells and whistles. This one gets the job done and cost me 40 bucks. It is the perfect gift for almost anyone, and I would know because I’ve given it to just a few people!

14. Dryng Rack

My quaint studio apartment, as cute as it is, doesn’t have much cabinet space in the kitchen, I immediately needed a solution that provided more space and kept my kitchen looking decluttered and organized. This drying rack is awesome for any kitchen, and *hack alert* it is also a great place to store plates, bowls and coffee mugs for those of us with limited space. I have had more than a few friends ask for this link after visiting my place. Worth every bit of the fifty dollars spent.

15. Skin care Fridge

As I near thirty, my skin care regime has become significantly more important. With all my masks, and gels, and creams I needed a way to store them in the bathroom where they wouldn’t ruin from the steam of the shower, and then I came across the biggest new skin care trend, the skincare fridge! Yes, this is real, and it is amazing. This one featured is perfect because it has the additional slot on the door to hold your many many masks. You can shop a number of options on Amazon for as low as about 40 dollars.

16. K-beauty Face Masks

Need a few masks to put inside that new skin care fridge? This assortment of Korean beauty sheet masks are an all time favorite purchase of mine, and unbeatable for the price at eight dollars for nine masks!

17. Smith’s Lip balm

This trio of classic Smith’s lip balms is sure to leave your lips feeling lush and moisturized! Keep all three for yourself or share with a couple of friends. You can buy the set today for less than fifteen dollars.

18. Homesick Candle

The classic design of Homesick candles will have you clicking ‘add to cart’ without even smelling them, but let me tell you, they smell even better than they look! Check out their assortment of candles on Amazon, and make sure to read the scent profile before purchasing. Also, if you purchase this week you can get the “Thank you, Mom” candle just in time for Mother’s Day. These candles start at about $15.

19. Ladder Organizer

What else is great for small city living spaces? A ladder organizer. You can use this to hang towels, blankets, or even magazines. Get a bit more organized in style for only $35.

20. DOg Travel Crate

As a dog mom, a travel crate has been critical! My pup is crate trained, and moving around a large metal crate every time we go see the family for a holiday just isn’t practical. A plush travel crate can be folded down, is easy to move, travel with, and my puppy hardly knows the difference. This one comes in four different sizes, all under $50.

21. Wine COoler

My love for wine keeps getting stronger, and as the bottles got better so did the need to store them properly. I purchased this 18-bottle temperature controlled cooler for white and red wine, and let me tell ya, it’s always stocked! It’s a small investment, but well worth it. This one is a great starter, priced at $180.

22. Statement earrings

Despite what they look like, these beaded earrings are extremely light-weight and come in a variety of colors. For less than $10 a pair, buy them all for yourself or maybe even get a matching pair for all your friends!

23. Star sweater

One of my favorite sweaters is this cropped little number complete with decorative stars. Throw it on with a pair of ripped denim or a mini skirt and you are good to go for any night out. It is well worth the twenty dollar price tag, and comes in a variety of colors.

24. Floral Gym bag

As a spin class junkie, one thing that is extremely important in a gym bag is a place to put my spin shoes. For fifty bucks this duffel comes complete with a separate compartment for my kicks. It is also sure to get you many compliments.

25. Stan Smith’s

These classic sneakers got a makeover with this fresh edition! From the textured tag to the gum sole, I am here for them, and absolutely love these sneakers. The price point is only $90. Buy them and take your sneaker game to the next level!

26. Swim Suit Cover Up

When summer time comes around it is all about finding the perfect suit and beach attire. This cover up comes in a multitude of colors, and is perfect for going from the pool to the tiki bar! Pick your favorite color or pattern for only $23.

27. BLue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses are not only cute, but will help you go easy on your eyes when you have to stare at your computer all day. Reduce strain on your eyes, and look cute doing it. Grab em today for only 20 dollars.

28. Ankle Boots

One of my favorite things in life is a good pair of ankle boots. As classic as a basic black pair of boots are, I love finding jazzy boots that take an outfit to the next level. These are not shy of unique, and are sure to be a show stopper. They also serve luxury and for a price tag of only $140. This style also comes in a few colored suede options that are sure to turn heads.

29. Arm Candy

Bringing this list to an end is a bit of arm candy! At number 29 this Wristology watch is minimal and just flashy enough without being gaudy. Not a gold fan? This watch comes in different colors for only $40. Not a fan of the model? Check out the Wristology library to find one that is more your style for a price point that won’t break the bank!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully this list had you adding one or two things to your shopping cart, whether it was something practical or something you plan on buying just to treat yo-self! You deserve it. xxx

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