My Travel Secret

As a frequent traveler, I am always looking for ways to get the most bang for my buck when I travel. I have stayed in hotels and Air bnb’s over the years, but my traveling life was forever changed when I started booking hostels. Forget everything you think you know about hostels. Trust me, actual hostels are nothing like the ever so popular horror film. Haven’t persuaded you? Here are five reasons you should consider booking a hostel for your next trip, whether you are a solo traveler or exploring as a group.

HAUS hostel in Thailand
  1. Affordable

I personally have stayed in hostels as cheap as $12.00 a night. Insane, right? Hostels are typically found in all major cities, and have room options from community mix-gender dorms to private suites. My personal preference is a four or six all female room, which on average cost about $12-$30 per night, depending on the hostel. This price generally gets you a bunk bed, a locker to store your luggage, breakfast, and typically a voucher or two for a free drink if they have a bar on site. Keep in mind that though most hostels provide a locker, locks are generally not included. Make sure to confirm with your hostel in advance if a lock is needed. This is the same for towels. More often than not, towels are not provided, but may be rented for $5.00 or less. I personally always travel with a microfiber travel towel. They are easy to pack, wash, and they are light weight and won’t take up much space in your luggage.

2. Community

I mostly travel solo, and my biggest thing has always been how will I meet people? When I first started out traveling solo I would book tours or even get on dating sites to try and find people to meet up with. Hostels are the best way to meet people, especially as a solo traveler. Many hostels have a bar area with game tables like pool or ping pong. Drinks are extremely cheap at hostel bars, which is an added benefit. I typically check in and head down to the hostel bar to strike up a conversation or two with other travels before hitting the town as a group. Hostel bars usually offer inexpensive small food items, such as personal pizzas or other popular bar foods.

The bar at the Wombat City Hostel in London

3. Location

Hostels are designed with international travelers in mind, which means they are almost always located near central transportation, or in an area that is very walkable.

4. Events

Hostels generally have a weekly events schedule where they organize everything from pub crawls, to movie and game nights. Along with the evening and social events, many hostels also offer an array of daytime activities, such as walking tours of the city or even classes like yoga. These are often free, or extremely inexpensive (less than five dollars). Always ask about events when you check in.

Stoke Beach House Hostel, Manly in Australia

5. Luxury

Let me guess, you are thinking that I am crazy for calling a hostel luxurious?! I get where you are coming from, but if luxury is what you are after you can find that in hostels also. Ensuite units offer private accommodations just like a hotel, but instead of a stuffy Marriott, think stylish boutique hotel. I am all about aesthetics, and traveling on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing that. Hostels across the world are complete with coffee shops, dining rooms, social areas, rooftop bars and even pool areas. One of my favorites is the beautiful mid-century modern decorated Freehand Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

Start traveling in style, affordably, and check out Hostel World when you look to book your next trip! Give it a try, and see if you aren’t hooked. xxx


  1. Jackie

    I love staying in hostels while travelling! Saves money, and you meet ppl along the way! Even “bad” hostel experiences are fun I find because it makes it more of an adventure


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