First Couture Love

Rick Owens

I fell in love with Rick Owens the first time I tried on one of his pieces.

There is something about his expert draping that made me feel as if the garment was made for my body.

Most people would consider Rick Owens to be overly eccentric or strange. For the most part, if I show someone a Rick Owens coffee table book they make a funny face at the sight of him applying makeup or wearing high heels. People lack the ability to understand things that they themselves don’t accept as normalcy, such as the image of a masculine man wearing high-heels, or the odd statues of himself sprinkled across his stores. These are just a few reasons why I am infatuated by him.

Rick Owens defies all social expectations and parameters and provides the raw truth of what fashion is: Expression in its most vulnerable form. There are no boundaries in fashion, or rules, or constraints on how bold ones imagination can be. Rick executes this mentality beautifully. One of my personal favorite runway shows of his was Spring 2016 where he had models wearing models. He always delivers a wow-factor and the art he produces is magical.

Artistic expression aside, Rick Owens has the incredible talent of making clothing that are all together elegant, edgy, controversial, simplistic, and complex. When I purchased my first piece I was on cloud nine. I felt like a million dollars, which was about what I paid, just kidding, but basically for me at that time. I saw it as an investment, and over the years I have never once put it on without feeling the exact same way that I felt in that store forever ago.

Whatever your personal style, remember that it is yours and a direct extension of who you are. Dress for yourself, It is more than okay to utilize fashion and clothing as a way to express who you are artistically and what you want to say to the world.

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